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Federal Opportunities

Developing Your Federal Job Search Strategy
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Group Training Services

Tailored Group Training Workshops
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Private/Corporate Opportunities

Writing Your Federal Contractor/Corporate Resume
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Seminars and Webinars

"Cracking the Code to Your Federal Job Search" Seminar

Who We Are

#1 Insider Perspective of the Hiring Process:
Our Leadership Team members have served in the Federal government, working for the Office of Personnel Management and as a Federal agency Human Resources Director hiring, staffing, and recruiting for Federal agencies, as well as for the corporate and nonprofit sectors.
#2 Resume Writing:
Our resume writers are carefully selected and trained as Certified Federal Career Strategists. Our expert staff brings a diverse background of professional experience to serve our clients well in their federal and private sector job search.
#3 Referrals:
75% of our clients are referrals from our newly hired clients because our process works.
#4 Train our colleagues:
We are trusted professionals in career development and frequently sought out to provide training and share our expertise with others in the field.
#5 Staff Credentials:
Every team member is a Certified Federal Career Strategist, and many have earned other designations in the Career Development and Career Coaching fields.

Client Testimonials

Budget Analyst

"Thanks again for all of the help. Just wanted to let you know that I accepted a position with DLA as a GS-13 Special Agent (1811). Not too bad for an old Army guy. I couldn't have done it without the resume and all your help.

US Marine Corps

"I attended a presentation by Corliss to Nova SHRM membership on how to write an effective resume for federal employment. Her techniques were the significant factor that allowed me to write a well-tailored resume for the unique federal employers."

Mortgage Banking Analyst

"Wanted to say thanks again for the resume, interview prep, and coaching. I started last week as GS-13. I never would have gotten the interview without your assistance. I am giving your name out to all my friends looking to get on with the government.

Seminar Participant

"Corliss single-handedly changed my success when applying for federal jobs and it is no coincidence that it was after retooling my private resume into a federal one. She clearly knows her stuff and I will be recommending her to everyone I know!

HR Specialist

"It has been a while since I last communicated with you. I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for your services and assistance. The federal resume that you helped create for me contributed to me being successfully hired by the Veterans Administration, and I submit this to you from my new position at the VA medical facility. Already I have referred you to one of my friends and will refer you to others as their time with the military ends.
Again, thank you. God Bless You.
Our personal attention and dedication to each client of Federal Job Results shows in our successful track record of employment and referrals. Be one today!
Now is the time to land that Federal Job!

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