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Together we will explore your federal employment goals and provide you with a road map for making your entire application THE BEST it can be. Most of the Federal job seekers struggle with identifying the right jobs to pursue; writing the Federal resume; understanding the Federal application process; mastering the Federal interview; and negotiating salary. We understand these challenges and will assist you with all phases of the process. Most clients opt for our Signature Federal Coaching Package, which includes target job search assistance; Federal resume writing; interview preparation; and salary negotiation. The Signature Federal Coaching Package allows us to partner with you through every phase of the entire process, serving as your federal job coach for the next 6 months!


Once you make the decision to partner with us, we will help you identify the best Federal jobs for your background and skills. This is a very important step. Even if you are qualified (sometimes called “minimally qualified”), you may not be found to be BEST qualified, and your application will not move forward to the selection official (hiring manager). Many people make the fatal mistake of applying for jobs for which they are either minimally or not qualified, and their applications are not forwarded for consideration. Based on our insider knowledge of the Federal HR selection and hiring process, we will direct you to focus on those jobs for which you are best qualified — which significantly increases the likelihood of your application moving forward in the process.


A Certified Federal Resume Writer will write your federal resume to target those Federal jobs for which you are best qualified. It is extremely important to have a solid Federal resume that meets all Federal guidelines and gets the highest possible score from the Agency HR staff. Typically, Federal resumes are about five (5) pages long and include detail regarding your duties, responsibilities, results and accomplishments.  We will remove private sector language that is NOT recognized by the Federal HR Specialist and replace it with Federal language and core competencies that ARE recognized and understood by Federal HR staff. Using core competencies developed by the Office of Personnel Management, we will “marry” the information the HR Specialists are looking for with your current and past job experiences. The result is a document that will look very different from others that are submitted and one that will grab the attention of the HR staff!


A Certified Federal Resume Writer will write your Senior Executive Service (SES) Federal resume and write and/or edit your Senior Executive Service ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications). These documents are required by the Office of Personnel Management and are critical to your application package. Both must be well written and directly relate to the core competencies required by the Federal Government for Senior Executive Service applicants.


Many agencies (96%) no longer require separate KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) essays / narratives. It is still your responsibility as the applicant to address the KSAs in the body of your resume. It is important not to overlook this step; your KSAs must be woven into your resume, and they must be directly related to the skills desired by the agency.  It is like a puzzle; all the pieces must fit together to move your application package forward to the hiring manager. We will ensure this important step is completed as part of the Federal resume writing phase of our partnership.


Federal interviews are generally more competitive than others – usually consisting of a panel of three or more interviewers asking interview questions that are very challenging. Understand the reasoning behind the questions asked and learn how to “think on your feet” in a stressful situation.


Many are unaware that when you join the Federal government for the first time it is the one and only time you can negotiate both your salary and your vacation leave. We will work with you to develop a strategy to present to the Federal HR staff to assist you in reaching for a higher salary and more vacation time. After all, who doesn’t want more time off?

Our personal attention and dedication to each client of Federal Job Results shows in our successful track record of employment and referrals. Be one today!
Now is the time to land that Federal Job!

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