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I’m 19 years old recently graduated in 2014. I have an unarmed guard license but not much experience or degree, but I have skills with electronics, computer applications and more. I check the usajobs.gov[usajobs.gov] site weekly and also have a Federal govt style resume but I never come across jobs that are pretty much entry level that I'll be qualified for unless the have to be enrolled in school or recently graduated college, which I am not. I just want to know how do I go about getting in the government and starting my career? - Tajohn Tajohn, This is quite a challenge – and many applicants find themselves in this predicament. For most jobs, the Federal government requires you to have at least one year of direct or indirect work experience in the field that you are targeting. If you can find a paid or unpaid opportunity in the private sector that would allow you to get at least 12 months of experience (the 12 months does not need to be consecutive, but it does need to be full time or equivalent), this could allow you to meet the 12 month requirement. Another route to take would be for you to engage in some type of educational pursuit. If you go to a college, university, or other educational institution that is recognized by the US Department of Education, you can apply for some of the student opportunities that exist in the Pathways Programs on USAJobs.gov. We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.   
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