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I had a question about tech jobs in the government. After 20+ years working for both of the area’s mortgage giants, I was rebadged as a contractor about a year ago when they outsourced all of their computer operations. As a consequence, I’d like to explore opportunities within the government, within my field of expertise, UNIX system administration. However, when I search for jobs I don’t see these types of positions available. What would be the best way to look for this type of work within the government? - Charles Hi Charles, With any Federal job search, the easiest way to start your search is by using keywords in USAJOBS.gov. Specifically, for UNIX system administration, you should be looking at terms such as “network security” or more generally, “Information Technology” or “IT.” There is a search function in USAJOBS.gov that allows you to set up a search using keywords (under ‘My Account’ and “Saved Jobs’), and the results can be sent to you on a regular basis. We recommend a daily search, as those jobs that are only open a few days won’t get to you if you select weekly or monthly frequency. For search criteria, we recommend selecting about three criteria - key words, location and salary level. I do recommend you allow your search criteria to be as broad as possible to give you more options. We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.
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