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I applied to a Federal job in August. I have not heard back from anyone. It’s been over two months. How long does the process take and what, if anything, should I do?   Many agencies are trying to adhere to an 80-day hiring model, which means you probably should have heard something by now, but this is not always the case.  If you applied using USAJobs.gov, you can look under “Application Status” to see if they have decided on the fate of your application yet.  You do have to be persistent and consistent about applying on a regular basis and following-up on your applications. One application generally is not going to move you forward in the hiring process.  It can take dozens (or more) of applications to get you referred to the hiring manager.  If you are getting results that show you are eligible - not referred, it is still good.  It means you are applying to the right jobs for your background but you might need to work on your application package.    On each announcement, there is a point of contact name, number or email address.  This is the person to whom you should reach out and ask questions about the job announcement or the status of your application.  I recommend waiting about three weeks after your application submission before you start following-up.  Remember, your following-up does not move your application forward; it only gives you peace of mind, so spend a small portion of your time following-up, and use most of your energy and time for applying.     We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.     Corliss Jackson  FedJobResults.com  
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