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I had a question about tech jobs in the government. After 20+ years working for both of the area’s mortgage giants, I was rebadged as a contractor... Continue I am 63 years young. Realistically, will the feds hire someone who hopes very much to work at least through age 70? Continue How would you recommend addressing age issues in cover letters?  Also, how would you address age issues during an interview? Continue I’ve heard so many times that I am “overqualified,” yet I am still unemployed.   Any advice? Continue I've had a successful career in management but my career derailed about 3 years ago when I was let go unexpectedly.  Continue Given your expertise in the Federal job search, I was wondering if you could answer the following puzzler: Continue I’m 19 years old recently graduated in 2014. I have an unarmed guard license but not much experience or degree. Continue I have heard I am supposed to answer all assessment questions at a high level but I feel if I do that then HR will think I am inflating my experience. Continue I applied to Federal jobs a few years ago and had to write detailed essays in response to KSAs. I do not see this requirement now, but I still see KSAs... Continue I applied to a Federal job in August. I have not heard back from anyone. It’s been over two months. How long does the process take... Continue Can I apply to a Federal job if I have bad credit or a legal issue? Continue Why is it so hard to get a Federal job? Continue How Do I Know What GS Level to Target? Continue What is the biggest challenge for Federal job seekers? Continue How Long Does it Take to Land a Federal Job? Continue Federal Hiring Freeze – For Real? Continue I am a 64-year old non-Veteran who has not previously worked in Federal service...am I wasting my time trying to obtain federal employment? Continue I've been told that most if not all Federal jobs must be applied for through USAJobs. Continue
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