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I've had a successful career in management but my career derailed about 3 years ago when I was let go unexpectedly. I have my B.S. in Sport Management with a double minor in Business and Communications. I need stability at this point (I'm 34) and my sole focus has been trying to get into Federal, state or local government and obtain my clearance. I've been applying to anything I am even close to qualifying for but with no success. I have the ambition, work ethic, responsibility and intelligence to be an asset to some branch of our government, and I'm confident in stating that. I'm not sure if my resume is 'government ready' or what else I may be doing wrong. I'm desperate to crack in at any position just for a chance to prove myself. Any advice or assistance in helping me obtain such a position would be greatly appreciated beyond what I can express right now. - Ryan Hi Ryan, Applying with a solid Federal resume is going to be the key to securing Federal employment.  Please do not attempt to apply for a Federal government job with a private sector resume. It is too short and does not include the information required to score the most points during the rating and ranking process. The average Federal resume is 3 to 5 pages and extremely detailed.  It also addresses your skills and competencies, whereas a private sector resume focuses on results and accomplishments – two very different objectives. The more detailed the information you provide, the more points your application is likely to score during the rating and ranking process. Additionally, you may need to apply to many jobs - over 100 is not a stretch!  It is not an instant process, as you have experienced, but it can happen with a Federal resume and a measure of consistency and persistence. We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.   
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