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I have heard I am supposed to answer all assessment questions at a high level but I feel if I do that then HR will think I am inflating my experience. What is the best way to handle the assessment questions? Most online applications ask applicants to rate their professional experience by using a series of questions. These pesky questions - usually between 10 to 150 of them – are called the self-assessment questions. As a Federal job seeker, you must answer the self-assessment questions liberally. The applicant needs to receive the highest rating in order to move forward in the rating process. Review the answers to the question and select the one that represents the most senior experience level - that is the one that is worth the most points. Give yourself credit! Do not be dishonest - but boast, brag, market yourself, rationalize, justify - whatever you want to call it. Then make sure your resume supports your responses. Remember it is called a "self- assessment questionnaire" for a reason! We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search. Corliss Jackson FedJobResults.com  
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