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How would you recommend addressing age issues in cover letters?  Also, how would you address age issues during an interview? - Michael   Hi Michael, Ahhh, cover letters. The Federal government is not a lover of cover letters. Unless they state that a cover letter is mandatory, I would not include one with my application. Often times, the HR folks will intentionally overlook cover letters – not even giving them a read. There is often a placeholder for cover letters in the systems you may use to apply, but unless it is stated in the “How to Apply” section as mandatory, I would not include it. Spend your energy tailoring your Federal resume instead.   It is against the law for your age, and other personal issues, to be asked in a Federal interview. If you have the knowledge, skills and ability to do the job, your age is irrelevant.   We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.
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