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Corliss Jackson is an expert consultant in regard to the Federal government’s hiring process. She has over 10 years of hands-on work experience at the Office of Personnel Management and at the US Department of Health and Human Services. She left her GS-15 position to launch a consulting firm, Federal Job Results, which she heads as President and CEO.  She is also the author of the Washington Post’s weekly federal jobs column,  Corliss’s Corner. As such, she is committed to advising professionals who are in transition. Her experience working with the Federal government as a senior program manager and now as a consultant, gives her a unique "insider's view" of the Federal hiring process. She utilizes this expertise to translate her client's background into the special "Federal language" and "Federal format" required to gain the attention of the Federal hiring staff. Ms. Jackson and her staff provide individual guidance to job seekers around the world and deliver several on-line and on-ground training courses on how to "Crack the Code" of the Federal hiring process. Ms. Jackson’s latest activity has been the creation and publication of, Cracking the Federal Job Code: Top Secret Tips for Today’s Federal Job Seeker, a book that is full of detailed, step-by-step information about how to successfully apply for a Federal job. She has also developed a curriculum for other job coaches to master the Federal job search process by becoming a Certified Federal Career Strategist. The personal attention and assistance received by clients of Federal Job Results has resulted in tens of thousands of Federal job seekers being able to submit applications that result in an extraordinary track record of interviews and Federal job offers.
Partial Client List: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Central Intelligence Agency Custom and Immigration Services Defense Intelligence Agency Department of Commerce Department of Education Department of Defense Department of Health and Human Services Department of Homeland Security Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of State
Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Food and Drug Administration General Services Administration National Institutes of Health National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Personnel Management Securities and Exchange Commission US Agency for International Development
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