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How Long Does it Take to Land a Federal Job? The length of time it takes to get a Federal job varies. It depends on the types of jobs you are applying to, the budget situation of the agencies to which you are submitting applications and a host of other variables. However, the more applications you submit, the more you increase your odds of getting referred. The usual job seeker will need to submit a few dozen applications to glean one interview. The good news is that by that time, you are a pro in applying for jobs and you know your resume inside out and backwards. So you are likely to have a very satisfactory and satisfying interview.  After your interview, once you receive an offer of employment, it can take anywhere from a month to several months to actually start work at your new Federal job. Often there is a background security check that needs to be completed prior to your actual starting date. We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.  Corliss Jackson FedJobResults.com  
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