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Federal Hiring Freeze – For Real? All of you have probably heard that the Federal government is having budget challenges. Along with budget issues come changes in hiring and compensation - and you often hear terms like "hiring freeze." Interestingly enough, a Federal government hiring freeze doesn't actually mean what it implies. The government, even in its worst state, generally won't freeze all of its positions. Why? Because the government must continue to operate in order for its citizens to receive essential services.   So when you hear the term "hiring freeze" think about a slow chill - little by little slowing the number of new hires. New hires will almost certainly be made, but some agencies may need to have several employees leave before filling one slot. Other agencies may not hire new employees until they shift around their existing employees and see where the gaps are. Either way, individuals with a wide range of skills will do best in the Federal arena since newly hired government employees may have to take on the responsibilities of multiple departing employees. The bottom line is KEEP APPLYING! The Federal government IS open for business! umber We hope this information has been useful and will help you crack the code to your Federal job search.  Corliss Jackson FedJobResults.com  
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